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Taco Bell

Breakfast Items

First spotted December 20, 2009

Taco Bell goes back and forth with testing breakfast items. Here’s pictures of a breakfast-time only mango beverage, a Jimmy Dean sausage morning wrap, and Cinnabon Delights:




XXL Chalupa

First spotted December 12, 2009

XXL Chalupa at Taco Bell

It’s a chalupa . . . but really big.

Green Sauce


Yes, Taco Bell has a green sauce available. It doesn’t come in packets but they can give some to you in a little cup.

Bell Beefer


The Bell Beefer is something many people want Taco Bell to bring back. One friend told me he would buy his own hamburger buns and take them to his local taco Bell where he knew the manager and have the manager make him a Bell Beefer. Of course you could also get your own hamburger buns, order a taco and dump the fillings on to the bun.

Cheesy Gordita Crunch


I’ve seen a couple sites report this as a secret item. It may have been a secret item and it may have been a test item and it may have been both depending on time and location but now, as of November 26, 2009, it is a wide release item complete with its own dedicated website (even includes a nutritional guide).

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  • KleineLulu

    I have a suggestion. Sell your taco filling in Supermarkets. Yhe kits with ground beef are really not like going to a Taco Bell and ordering because the meat filling does not taste the same! Also, we visited a small mexican restaurant in Rutherford, N.J. where they made a diablo burrito (w/green hot sauce). If you could get that recipe, it's $$$$$$$. My sister and I have been trying to duplicate it, but no success. Dottie

  • fastfoodsecretmenu

    Well… I'm not actually Taco Bell. But maybe they will read your comment and do something about it.

  • Simulated Soul

    If you buy the Taco Bell brand Taco Seasoning, fix it with ground sirloin (90/10) as the directions indicate. Once the mixture cools, put it in your food processor (i use a Ninja food processor from walmart) and pulse it for about 2-3 minutes. Your meat will now have the consistency of the tacobell meat filling and have the same flavor.

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