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Jamba Juice

White Gummi Bear Smoothie

Jamba Juice actually has a number of secret smoothies. This is the one so far that I have actually tried and it really does taste just like a white gummi bear (or “gummy bear” for those who don’t know the real spelling).

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  • Jamba King

    Beware: Most of these smoothies skimp on the fruit and are mostly sorbets, sherbets and juices, but what they take away from the amount of clothes that fit you in your closet, they give back in some of the most mouth-watering, delicious, and complex sweet fruity flavors you can get on the go.

    * Blue Gummi Bear
    * Chocolate Gummi Bear
    * Green Gummi Bear
    * Pink Gummi Bear
    * Red Gummi Bear
    * White Gummi Bear
    * Andres' Surprise
    * Apple Pie
    * Berry Depressing
    * Blue-Topia
    * Butterfingers
    * Chocolate covered Strawberries
    * Dirty Orgasm
    * Fruity Pebbles
    * White Fruity Pebbles
    * Pink Fruity Pebbles
    * Hello Jesus
    * Reese pieces
    * San Diego
    * Skittles
    * Sourpatch Kid
    * Starburst [aka Pink Star]
    * Lemonade Lightnin'
    * Strawberries Dreamin'
    * Strawberries Lightnin'
    * Strawberry Shortcake
    * Sunny Delight
    * Thank You Jesus
    * Tootsie Roll
    * Tropical Tango
    * Melonade wave
    * Now and Later
    * Orange Dream Machine
    * Pacific Passion
    * Peanut Butter and Jelly
    * Penis Shooter
    * Pineapple Dreamin'
    * Rainbow Sherbert
    * Raspberry Dreamin'

  • Christian

    Thanks for the extensive list. Have you tried all of these?

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